Nieuwe Graanmarkt 32
1000 Brussel

Registered Office:
Naamsesteenweg 355, 3001 Leuven
OR: 0447.017.174

Algemeen beleid en cellen

  • Kurt De Prins

    General manager,
    Coordinator of policy of education,
    Coordinator of human resources (secondary schools),
    Coordinator of financial policy.

    0474 08 39 30


  • Nancy De Boey

    Co-general manager,
    Coordinator of policy of education,
    Coordinator of human resources (primary education).

    0474 74 40 04


  • Pieter Feys

    Coordinator of ICT policy



  • Peter Janssens

    Policy advisor,
    School principal at Mater Dei primary school,
    Coordinator of ICT policy.

    02 779 09 94


  • Lieven Lemmens

    Coordinator of material & logistics policy,
    Coordinator of information policy and data protection.

    0498 41 47 79


    Lieven is our contact person when it comes to procurement policy, framework contracts, subsidies and insurance policy. He also supports digital communication in several schools.

    As coordinator of information policy and data protection he’s available for all questions connected to the GDPR-legislation.

  • Philippe Deliens

    Coordinator of prevention policy

    0478 63 32 37


    Philippe is overviewing the prevention policy and all prevention staff members to guarantee a global approach and implementation of prevention policies.

    He works closely together with the coordinators of the infrastructure policy, the material & logistics policy and the ICT policy so that prevention targets are obtained in procurement and placing in service procedures as well as in construction site follow-up.

  • Anja De Neef

    Coordinator of infrastructure policy.

    0477 19 11 40


    As coordinator of the Infrastructure Unit, Anja is the point of contact for all construction projects, renovation and repair works, site follow-ups, and support for infrastructure files.

    She is the link between architects, contractors, site personnel, school boards and supporting internal and external services.

  • Ann Lodefier

    Staff member of policy of education.


  • Lieve Eyckholt

    Coordination of the financial policy cell

    0477 81 52 04


  • Mieke Bonne

    Coordination of the personnel administration unit (primary education)

    0474 74 17 06