Academic session on the occasion of the retirement of Mrs. Griet Blondiau

On Friday, June 2, 2023, an academic session was held on the occasion of the retirement of Mrs. Griet Blondiau, general director of vzw KatOBA. During this meeting in GC De Markten Mr. Roger Haest (chairman of the school board), Mr. Guy Vanhengel (Vice-President of the Brussels Parliament and former Brussels Minister responsible for Education, School Construction and Finances), Mrs. Nancy De Boey (Co-Director of General Policy within KatOBA vzw), Mr. Kurt De Prins (who will succeed Mrs. Blondiau as general manager) with words of praise to describe Griet as a person and as director of our organization. Students of the MABO band (Griet herself was a teacher and director of the Maria-Boodschaplyceum in Brussels for a long time) provided the musical intermezzos. Finally, Griet herself looked back on her career and the glass was raised to her health!