Learning and living together in Brussels!

Working together, living together en connecting people and schools who are different is what KatOBA stands for.

The O in the middle of KatOBA relates to onderwijs (education), the core business of our organization. The arrow propelling the O reflects our views on education: high-quality, dynamic en innovative. Together we face the challenges of the future in creative ways.

In our organization we put special attention to ‘humanity’. Human themes as meaning, philosophy of life, self-development,… are important to us. The first three letters in ‘KatOBA’ relate to values we find important in our catholic dialogue-schools.

The O is connected to the B of Brussels. Working in a bustling and fascinating city like Brussels keeps us awake and challenges us to find answers to many forms of diversity.

Networking, inside our organization but also with external services and organizations is stimulated. Examples are OnderwijsCentrum Brussels, CLB, PB, VGC, FiX,…
Together we try to make our city more sustainable by sustainable building and renovating, a decent bicycle policy and traffic-free schoolstreets.


The organizational structure of KatOBA includes three policy bodies:
the general policy, the school policy and the supporting cells.

The pedagogical policy is central in our organization, and all other secundary processes can be linked to it. Trough the cells we created everything can be supported and co-ordinated to follow up complex regulations correctly.

Our organization can be visualized as a wheelwork creating a binding and in-depth dynamic.

General policy

General managing director
Co-director general policy​
Policy advisor

School policy


  • Pedagogic policy
  • Staff policy
  • Secundary processes follow-up

Cells lead by coordinators

1. Pedagogic policy

2. Secundary processes

  • Financial policy
  • IT-policy
  • Material en logistics policy
  • Staff policy
  • Prevention policy
  • Information security policy


he congregation of Sisters ‘Annuntiaten’ is our source of inspiration.
Their view on education stands for quality, an intensive support and an assisting and confirming school culture. Their slogan  ‘The authority of the heart does miracles’ guides us in our work. We aim for a high well-being amongst students and co-workers.