Two-day congress of directors and administrators Annuntiatenschools in Ostend

On Thursday 21 and Friday 22 October 2021, the biennial conference for management, staff and administrators of the Annuntiaten schools took place in Ostend. About 100 participants gathered from the 4 regions where we are active – Diest, Leuven, Brussels and Halle.

This year the focus was on ‘Strong School Board’. Various sessions, discussion groups and moments of reflection zoomed in on the core values, vision and challenges of and within our organisation(s).

In addition, there was a team building activity to get to know each other (and Ostend) better and a lecture by Bruno Vanobbergen, director of the Flemish Agency for Growing Up and former Children’s Rights Commissioner.

It was an exciting two-day event that gave every participant inspiration that can give oxygen to our operation in the different regions and schools.