KatOBA exchanges stories with Flemish-Brussels non-profit organizations on meeting day

On Tuesday 14 September, a meeting day for Flemish-Brussels non-profit organizations was held in Cinéma Palace at the initiative of the Flemish Minister of Brussels, Youth and Media Benjamin Dalle. This meeting day marked the start of the ‘Aangenaam Verrast’ campaign, which puts the spotlight on stories of Flemish-Brussels individuals and non-profit organizations.

In addition, an explanation was given about the new guidelines framework for subsidy applications via ‘Polsslag’ and the Flemish Brussels Fund, there were many speakers who came to present good practices of their organization, musical intermezzos and a networking moment.

KatOBA was also present on this meeting day. Given that the focus of the Flemish Brussels Fund in the coming years will be on infrastructure projects that facilitate intersectoral collaboration, Annemie Aernouts (infrastructure staff member) and Lieven Lemmens (Coordinator of the Material & Logistics Policy Unit) were present to learn more about the guidelines framework and to establish contacts. with potential partners.

This first meeting day for Flemish-Brussels non-profit associations certainly did not miss its goal: the various organizations present got to know each other better, new partnerships were already fully considered and the possible subsidy routes for intersectoral cooperation were clarified and put in the spotlight.

Top left: Youssef Kobo presents ASATT (A seat at the table), a project that empowers young people to (successfully) move on to the business world. Bottom left: Minister Benjamin Dalle and Lieven Lemmens (KatOBA) during the networking moment. Right: Minister Dalle is being interviewed about the new campaign ‘Aangenaam Verrast’.