Farewell to CEO Roger Haest.

On Saturday, September 18, 2021, about 200 guests gathered in the Message Chapel in Heverlee to celebrate Roger Haest and to thank him for his 25-year commitment as managing director of the Organizing Committee of the Annuntiaten Schools. Roger has since retired as Managing Director, but remains the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Among the guests we recognized, among others, Brussels Minister Sven Gatz, who is responsible for education and school construction within the Flemish Community Commission; Leuven mayor Mohamed Ridouani; director-general of Catholic Education Flanders Lieven Boeve; Episcopal Delegate for Education Jurgen Mettepenningen; the worldwide superior of the Congregation of Sisters Annuntiates Sr. Jacintha Gilles and the regional superior of the Sisters Annuntiaten Sr. Marie-Thérèse Smal; representatives of the diocese, the pedagogical counseling services and Catholic Education Flanders; the members of the Board of Directors and the General Meeting; the staff members of the Organizing Committee; the general directors of the 4 educational regions of the Annuntiates and the directors of the more than 60 Annuntiaten schools in Flanders; and of course Roger’s wife and children and grandchildren.

It was a beautiful celebration, in which tribute was paid to ‘the geographer’ Roger from the 4 elements earth, fire, water and air. In addition, Jos Vansantvoet (honorary managing director), Lieven Boeve, Zr. Jacintha Gilles and the tandem Lander Vanmedegael and Griet Blondiau (on behalf of all directors) spoke. In between there were musical intermezzos by teachers and students from the 4 educational regions of the Annuntiates.

After a warm look back and a word of thanks from Roger, a reception was held in the courtyard of the Sacred Heart Institute.

Also from KatOBA we would like to expressly thank Roger Haest for his dedication, drive and commitment. His human closeness was widely appreciated among all our employees. A big problem in a small school could always count on as much attention as a small problem in a big school. The observer Roger was always patiently looking for connections and solutions from an analysis on the ground. We thank him for everything he has meant and realized and wish him wonderful years after his retirement!