Minister Gatz lays the first stone for renovation and expansion of Scheutplaneet primary school

Brussels minister Sven Gatz has laid the foundation stone for the gymnastics hall and the renovation and expansion of the Scheutplaneet school in Anderlecht. After the works, 480 pupils will be able to attend school in the renovated and new infrastructure.

The free, Catholic primary school Scheutplaneet is located in the lively and green Scheutwijk in Anderlecht. Girls and boys from 2.5 to 12 years old, mainly from the neighbourhood, are in the nursery ward or attend classes there. Behind the entrance gate on the busy Ninoofsesteenweg, you enter a great, promising school with lots of sunlight, spacious classrooms and a playground of more than three thousand square meters.

For director Kati Peirlinck, the renovation plans are a dream come true. “Since 2007, the school board, the non-profit organization Free Catholic Schools of Anderlecht, has been dreaming about a safe building with a modern infrastructure,” she says. “Today we are very grateful and very satisfied with the decision of the Flemish Community Commission (VGC) to participate in the investment. This allows us to carry out a thorough renovation and adapt the building to future needs.”
The school will not only be given a new look, it will also be able to accommodate more students.

“Until 2020, we shared the campus with the students of the first grade of the Imelda Institute. Due to their move to the Sint-Michelsite in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, we have room to grow into a double primary school. Soon, 480 students will be able to live and learn together with their parents with great enthusiasm,” says Kati Peirlinck. “Anything can happen here and probably will. Stepping in here can change your thinking and life. Stepping in here will give a different color to your day. ‘Expect the unexpected!’ is our school slogan for a reason!
The discovery of Scheutplaneet was a pleasant surprise for Minister Gatz, in the board of the Flemish Community Commission responsible for Dutch-language Education and School Construction.

Scheutplaneet is a pleasant place in a lively and super diverse neighbourhood. For the umpteenth time I am charmed by a school that has the opportunity to grow into a gem, in which motivated and committed teachers and school teams give the best of themselves. With the makeover of Scheutplaneet, we are enthusiastically continuing to work on the renewal and expansion of our school infrastructure, which is urgently needed in Brussels to be able to follow the high demand for our well-known Dutch-language education.”